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Shawn Zhang
International Program Liaison

Shawn has been with Archbishop Carney for 8 years.  Shawn is a dedicated member of our staff and works to recruit students from other countries to our school.  Shawn is well versed in Canadian International Entrance requirements and can assist families with the process of getting their children to Canada to study at Archbishop Carney.

Sophia Long
International Student Custodian

Sophia has been with Archbishop Carney for  8 years.  Sophia is committed to helping the students when they arrive in Canada.  She can assist with the extension of all permits including study permit, Canada Visa and MSP.  Sophia also helps with homestay set up, uniform purchasing and deals with all school issues.  Sophia will also stay in contact with the families of the International students to make sure they are aware of how their child is progressing while they study at our school.

Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School welcomes students from all over the world to become members of our school community. Our primary commitment is to educate students in a Catholic environment, to challenge them to excel in all virtuous aspects of life, and to encourage them to use their gifts in the service of the community. Our experienced faculty members offer education of the highest quality. We work together to further our students’ interest in and knowledge of their cultural heritage and encourage a respect for other cultures. We develop the spiritual, moral, physical and intellectual well-being of all our students.

We offer international students Grade 8-12 curriculum and the graduation program defined by the Ministry of Education of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

Students in our international programs who successfully complete the requirements for high school graduation in British Columbia receive a Dogwood Certificate which meets entrance requirements for colleges, universities and other post-secondary institutions within the province, country and abroad. Many of our international graduates go on to attend leading universities throughout North America such as University of British Columbia (UBC), McGill, University of Toronto (UT) and Simon Fraser University (SFU).

High levels of academic standards, English fluency, commitment to academic success and active participation in our school community are essential qualities of our students. Only those outstanding students who are successful in an interview with our International Educational Programs Director are offered enrollment at our school. Therefore, admission into our programs is competitive and spaces are limited. Less than 8% of our student population is part of our international programs.

Students in our programs are integrated within the classroom and are offered 4 types of additional support.

  1. Our English Language Learning course focuses English language fluency.

  2. Our language support course for new international students provides extra assistance with language based subjects like English, Social Studies and Christian Education.

  3. Our teaching assistants aid international students in language based classrooms.

  4. Our social support system provides help for new international students to adapt to their new lives in Canada.



Mr. John Borzillo
Director of International Educational Programs




张老师 微信 13752083198


课程考试等,请联系:龙老师 微信SD42China 电邮


All applicants with Chinese passports should contact Mr. Hongshan Zhang to go through
the application process.  For school recruitment policy, application qualifications, application documents, submitting application documents, please contact 微信 WeChat 13752083198

For interview arrangement, LOA process, custodian letter process, tuition payment, homestay, airport pick up etc., please contact 微信 WeChat SD42 电邮



We are currently accepting applications for our International Student Program. We require the following documents before we consider your application. To begin the application process we require the following completed forms:


The following documents are required before your application is considered:

  1. Completed and signed International Student Application Form

  2. Recent Official Report Card (translated copy, if not in English)

  3. Passport copy

  4. Non-refundable $50 Application Fee (Payable at the time of application)


Step 1:

Download our ACRSS International Student Application form 


Step 2:

Complete, scan and then send the form, report card and passport to our Director of International Educational Programs at:

Step 3:

The application package will be evaluated to determine if you are qualified for an interview. If you are qualified, an interview will be arranged with our Director of International Educational Programs.

Step 4:

If your interview is successful, a space will be offered to you in our school. An electronic version Letter of Acceptance, Invoice and Custodianship Letter will be sent to you.

Step 5:

Pay the full tuition to ACRSS according to the Invoice and Letter of Acceptance.  Send the copy of your bank payment to our Director of International Educational Programs at:

Step 6:

When our school receives the bank payment copy and payment of full tuition, the necessary authorized immigration documentation for your Canadian visa application will be sent to you.

Step 7:

Apply for your Canadian visa in your country. 

Step 8:

Email our Director of International Educational Programs at  as soon as you received your Canadian visa so that our school can begin the process for course schedule, medical insurance, uniform and homestay.

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