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Mission & Vision


Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School is centered in Christ. This school's primary commitment is to educate students in a Catholic environment, to challenge them to excel in all virtuous aspects of life and to encourage them to use their gifts in the service of the community.


We will strive to make this mission statement integral to all that we do by pursuing a number of goals. These include:  

  • To promote in our pupils a strong set of Catholic values

  • To encourage an awareness of God and an appreciation of our responsibilities as Christians

  • To develop the spiritual, moral, physical and intellectual well-being of young people

  • To offer education of the highest quality

  • To encourage responsibility and self-reliance as preparation for adult life

  • To nurture an awareness of our social responsibilities

  • To support parents, and for parents to support teachers in genuine partnership, in the education of their children

  • To cultivate creativity and an aesthetic appreciation

  • To further our pupils interest in and knowledge of their cultural inheritance and engender a respect for other cultures

  • To encourage involvement in physical activity to enable all students to enhance their quality for life through active living


We understand the various dimensions of respect to include the following:

  • Accept and respect yourself

  • Respect the diversity of ethnic and racial mix at Archbishop Carney

  • Respect our various religious backgrounds and practices

  • Respect personal and school property, both here and at neighboring schools.

  • Respect the authority of all school staff

  • Use language appropriate to a school setting

  • Respect the rights of other persons. There is no place for threats, possession of weapons,   fighting and violence.

  • Refrain from personal harassment**   

**Personal harassment means verbal or physical conduct, directed at a specific person which causes substantial distress in that person, and serves no purpose but to cause such distress.  Such behavior includes, but is not limited to:


  1. words, gestures, or actions, the natural consequence of which is to humiliate, alarm or abuse another person

  2. discriminatory conduct based upon a person’s race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, physical or mental disability, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance or health.


All people have the right not to be touched, teased or humiliated.

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