Fr. Ron Thompson, Archbishop's Rep. (Pastor, Our Lady of the Assumption)

Ken D'Sena, Chair (Our Lady of Assumption)

Laura Wilson, Vice-Chair (All Saints)

Jason Clemens, Treasurer (St Clare of Assisi)

Karen Nichols, Secretary (St. Luke's)

Tracy Francis, Delegate to the CISVA (St. Patrick's)

Len De Julius, Principal

           VOTING MEMBERS:

Patrick Arce (St Joseph's)

Nina Bianco (St Clare of Assisi)

Mary Ann Bronfen (Our Lady of the Assumption)

Rosie Bird (Our Lady of Fatima)

Raj Talasi (All Saints)

Iranaeus Lim (Our Lady of Lourdes)

Theresa Marquez (St Luke's)

Jacki Tokaryk (St Patrick’s)

Fortunata Wan (Our Lady of Lourdes)


Jo-Anna Nicolato, Vice-Principal

Pierre Nolet, Vice-Principal

Michelle Nix, Teacher Representative

Lisa Taylor, Teacher Representative


Our Lady of Fatima

St. Joseph's


The effectiveness of our Catholic schools is strengthened by clergy and lay people working together with faith and commitment for the education of our young people. It is very important, therefore, that those who accept the call to serve on education committees understand the expectations of office and conduct themselves in a way that will foster collaboration and Christian community and put into practice the philosophy of Catholic education as promulgated by the British Columbia Bishops.

Members of CISVA Education Committees are expected to:

  • Acknowledge that Catholic schools function within the structure of the Catholic Church and are an expression of its mission.

  • Endeavor to become more knowledgeable about Catholic education, its mission, and educational and religious goals.

  • Promote Catholic education, its values and benefits to the community.

  • Attend regular, extraordinary and sub-committee meetings and participate n discussion and decisions to the best of their ability.

  • Be fully and thoroughly prepared for each meeting by completing the required committee work or reports.

  • Share and utilize their knowledge and experience for the betterment of the Committee's work and the school as a whole.

  • Be loyal and supportive of Committee decisions.

  • Be open to stand for election to the executive of their committee and act as a member of a sub-committee as elected and/or assigned.

  • Recognize that they do not officially represent the Committee unless explicitly authorized to do so.

  • Ensure confidentiality of all matters dealt 'in confidence'.

  • Disqualify themselves from discussion and voting on issues where there is a conflict of interest.

  • Support and recognize the principal as chief administrator in the school.


Regular meetings of the REC are open to all members of the ACRSS community.  See the school calendar for the schedule. Persons who wish to address the REC at a meeting are welcome to do so provided they advise the Chair ( no less than one week before the intended meeting. 


           REC SUB-COMMITTEE MEMBERS 2019-2020

           Hiring Committee:

           Ken D'Sena

Len De Julius

Fr. Ron Thompson

Laura Wilson

Alternates: Tracy Francis, Patrick Arce, Nina Bianco

           Appeals Committee:

Ken D'Sena

Len De Julius

Fr. Ron Thompson


Mary Ann Bronfen

Jason Clemens

Ken D’Sena

Raj Talasi

Parent Participation:

Mary Ann Bronfen

Iranaeus Lim

Laura Wilson

           Maintenance and Janitorial:

Rosie Bird

Len De Julius

Pierre Nolet


Nina Bianco

Pierre Nolet



Pierre Nolet



Fortunata Wan


Patrick Arce

Jo-Anna Nicolato


Pierre Nolet

Jacki Tokaryk

Fortunata Wan



Tracy Francis

Theresa Marquez