Thank you for your interest in Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School. Our admissions process begins with our Application Package through which you will submit your student/family information. Application packages can be downloaded following the link below.  


All fees and charges are non-refundable.


Regional Parish Subsidy to the School
All parishes that are served by Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School must contribute financially to support the school’s operational costs. The total parish subsidy paid to the school will be based upon the number of students authorized in Category 1.   The current rate is $25 per month per student. (See green Pastor’s Authorization form)
Registration and Miscellaneous Fees:   All fees are non-refundable.

$50 APPLICATION/REGISTRATION FEE  (Per child, dated immediately)
A processing fee charged at the time of application/re-registration.
$312 GENERAL STUDENT FEE  (Per child, dated June 1st)
Covers the cost of equipment use, computer maintenance and site licences, yearbook, combination lock rental, student parliament fee, emergency supplies, course fees, etc.
$15 LINK PROGRAM FEE  (Gr 8 students only, dated June 1st)
Covers the cost of the Link Program assisting Grade 8 students with their transition to high school.  
$205 GRADUATION AND RETREAT FEES:  are payable with ONE CHEQUE dated June 1, 2020  (Gr 12 students only)
    $95 GRADUATION FEE: Covers the cost of the commencement ceremony, graduation breakfast and Mass, and related expenses.                
    $110 GR 12 RETREAT FEE  Covers the cost of the Grade 12 retreat.       


    For Participating Families: Two cheques per family of $500 each, one dated April 1st, 2021 and the other dated June 1st, 2021

    For Non-participating Families: One cheque per family dated July 1, 2020 for $1,000.00


Please refer to the Parent Participation Booklet on the web site.  


Active Parishioner (active member of a regional Catholic parish and authorized by pastor to attend this school)

First child: $376
Second child $350
Third or more child $0

Non-Active Parishioner (active member of a non-regional Catholic parish and authorized by the pastor to attend this school)

First child: $467
Second child: $467
Third or more child: $0

Non-Catholic (not an active member of any Catholic parish)

Each child pays: $684


SCHOOL UNIFORM: Payment to be made when completed order forms are submitted to the school uniform store. 

TEAM SPORTS FEE (ATHLETICS FEE): Invoiced to all students participating in a team sport:

  • $80 for the first sport;

  • An additional $40 fee for two or more sports.


Pays for individual and team league registration, referee and tournament fees. Additional costs may be incurred if individual teams are involved in out-of-town trips or to purchase team apparel.


LATE REGISTRATION FEE: An administrative fee of $90 per family will be charged for all late re-registrations.


  1        Computer

  2        3" Binders (1/each day 1 & day 2)
  2        Pkgs of refill paper 200 Line – Hilroy
  2        Pkgs of 5 index dividers – Hilroy
  2        Coil graph note books – 80 pgs – Hilroy
  1        Ruler clear plastic CM and MM (30cm)      
  1        Pkg of 10 HB pencils – Venue
  6        Pens – Papermate – medium blue
  2        Pens – Papermate – medium red
  2        Highlighter Pens
  1        24 pencil crayons – Crayola pre-sharpened
  1        Pencil Sharpener with container
  1        White vinyl eraser
  1        Geometry set 6 pcs (quality compass)
  1        Pkg of reinforcements
  1        Scientific calculator for Grades 8-10
  1        Graphic Calculator for Math 11 & 12 (TI 83+ or equivalent)
  1        Soft cover English – French Dictionary
  1        Soft cover English – Spanish Dictionary
  1        Sketchbook (8 ½ x 11) (for students in grades 9-12 enrolled
            in Art Courses)

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Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School is centered in Christ. This school’s primary commitment is to educate students in a Catholic environment, to challenge them to excel in all virtuous aspects of life, and to encourage them to use their gifts in the service of the community.

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