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Most programs are offered early morning at 7:10 AM or after school. Junior and Senior Concert Choir are offered at 7:10 AM every other day. These are credited courses. There is an additional block of Senior Choir on the time table as well. Senior Chamber choir and Vocal Jazz are offered after school for those students who are serious about studying either the Vocal Jazz idiom or Chamber Music. These choirs are auditioned and are for credit. Since choral courses are offered are performance based, it must be noted that bi-annual concerts, festivals, and trip opportunities are required to fulfil Prescribed Learning Outcomes. Many students in the choral programs audition for a part in our Musicals which are performed every other year. Musicals that have been performed in the past are: Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cinderella, Bye, Bye, Birdie, Fiddler on the Roof, South Pacific, The Wizard of Oz and finally West Side Story.


In Media Arts,  students learn the foundation of film production from pre-production stages, including scripts and storyboards, through to post-production including editing. Basics of sound production, manual camera operation, cinematography, and special effects are also covered. Students have several opportunites during the year to compete in film festivals. The second topic is an introduction to 3-D animation. Students get an introduction to the creation and sculpting of object meshes, how to add materials and textures, scene lighting and object animation. 


The curricular theatre program from Grades 8-12 accepts students at all performance levels in a safe and supportive environment that provides them an opportunity to improve their arts appreciation and presentation skills. The grade eight enrichment program is exploratory and is a 13 week program. In the grade nine to twelve program students go on fieldtrips to see performances, participate in workshops, practice risk taking, hone their communication skills through voice and physicality, write and star in one-act-plays. Our students also participate festivals such as the SD43 Provincial Zone Festival – METfest, our internal One Act Play Festival – ARTSfest, and the BC Catholics Play Festival. Some recent highlights were representing the Tri-Cities and receiving a Provincial Banner for Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Male in a Leading Role, Outstanding Characterization and receiving a Gold Standing at the BC Catholics Play Festival. We also offer an auditioned extra-curricular Spring Production where we alternate between a play or musical.

The Fine Arts Department at Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary is a diverse program of endless opportunity. Our students here at Carney are able to experience curricular and /or extra-curricular programs depending on their individual needs and interests. The Fine Arts program consists of the following subjects: Choral Music, Instrumental Music, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts, and Media Arts. Under this curricular Umbrella of the Arts there are also many extra-curricular opportunities for the students to experience who otherwise would not be able to experience within the regular school time table. Fine Arts Curricular and extra-Curricular programs are described as follows:


This program consists of Beginner Concert Band 8, Junior Concert Band 8/9, and Senior Concert Band 10-12. These courses are all on the Time Table. Senior Jazz Band 1, and Junior Jazz Band II are auditioned credited courses offered every other day at 7:10 AM. Again all these courses are performance based and therefore require performance opportunities such as bi-annual concerts, festivals, Open Houses, and school fundraising events such as the Parents Valentines Dance and Annual Auction of which in particular raises tremendous amount of money for our school. Instrumentalists also are able to participate in the Orchestra for our musicals. Musical trips are also offered for our Senior Choir and band students. Our students, in the past, have performed in Disneyland, Heritage festivals in San Diego, and Montreal. Our last performance trip was an unforgettable experience in New Orleans. This was an amazing cultural, spiritual, and of course educational experience. Some parents would describe this trip as life changing for their children.


This program is open to students who are interested in exploring, expressing, and developing skills in a variety of mediums. Students are encouraged to assist in working on sets for school plays, musical, posters for sport events as well as on banners for school Masses and concerts. The courses provide opportunities to explore studio practice, including attending fieldtrips to area museums and galleries when suited to the curriculum.

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