Mr. Len De Julius


Mrs. Jo-Anna Nicolato

Vice Principal

Mr. Pierre Nolet

Vice Principal

Office Staff:

Mrs. Angela D'Elia

Office Manager

Mrs. Sonia Lorenz

Financial Records Clerk

Mrs. Lori Montgomery

Records Clerk

Mrs. Patricia Ramirez


Maintenance Staff:

Mr. Maurice Dube

Maintenance Staff

Mr. David Lingpapa

Maintenance Staff

Mr. Les Strzelecki

Maintenance Staff


Mr. Marco Arruda

Science Teacher

Mrs. Carrie Baker

Educational Assistant

Ms. Sarah Bergeron

Home Economics Teacher

Mr. John Borzillo

International Program Director

Mr. Reg Cichos

Math Teacher

Mrs. Laura Cichos

Campus Minister

Mrs. Gabriela Contu

Languages Teacher

Sr. Mary Sabina DeMuth

Christian Education Teacher

Mrs. Sameera Fernandes

Director of Student Services; Math DH

Mr. Andrei Florut

Math Teacher

Mr. Charles Harris

Fine Arts DH, Student Services

Sr. Carmen Herrera

Educational Assistant

Sr. Mary Martha Hetzler

Christian Education DH

Mr. Michael Jaskiewicz

Science DH

Mr. Chris Kazun

CE, Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Kevin Kazun

PE, Science Teacher

Mr. Ed Kazun


Ms. Heather Kennedy

Educational Assistant

Ms. Linda Kerssens


Mr. Bill Kingsland

Information Technology DH

Mrs. Debby Knoke

Business Education DH

Mr. Tom Kudaba

Learning Resources Teacher

Ms. Rachel Lim

CE, English Teacher

Mrs. Ainara Lopez Baqueriza

Languages Teacher

Mr. Matthew Manfron

Athletics Director, PE Teacher

Ms. Cara Mueller

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Cristina Negrea

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Michelle Nix

Learning Resources DH

Mrs. Kim Park

Physical Education DH

Mr. Stephen Pathipati

Math, Science Teacher

Mrs. Brygida Reis

Social Studies DH

Ms. Linda Reis

Fine Arts Teacher

Mrs. Susan Renaud

Educational Assistant

Mr. Giorgio Santoro

Learning Resources Teacher

Mr. David Santos

Languages Teacher, Student Services

Ms. Mallory Schille

Performing Arts Teacher

Mrs. Marisa Schille

Science Teacher

Mr. Kevin Solis

English Teacher

Mr. Adam Spindor

Educational Assistant

Mr. Kevin Street

English Teacher, Student Services

Mrs. Lisa Taylor

Home Ec DH, PE Teacher

Mrs. Emmanuella Triveri

Choir Teacher, Student Services

Mr. Peter Valing

English Teacher

Mrs. Marianne van der Pauw

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Lori Vandebeek

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Alisha Wallsmith

English DH

Mr. David Wihak

Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Brittni Wolczyk

Educational Assistant

Ms. Julie Wong

Science Teacher

Mr. Mate Zvicer

Social Studies Teacher

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Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School is centered in Christ. This school’s primary commitment is to educate students in a Catholic environment, to challenge them to excel in all virtuous aspects of life, and to encourage them to use their gifts in the service of the community.

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